a select group of national experts

The National Committee of Academic Advisers (CONAA) is comprised of a select group of experts, professors and private sector professionals interested in influencing the generation of high-level research on topics critical to the sustainable development of the Dominican Republic and the region.

The Adviser works closely with the fellow, providing support in the following capacities:

  • Advise fellow regarding the scope and viability of the investigation.
  • Help define the objectives of the research and the outline of the report.
  • Recommend and facilitate access to documents and related laws.
  • Present alternatives perhaps not considered by the fellow.
  • Aid in the coordination of the plan of research.
  • Provide a list of influential professional contacts in the field that the fellow could interview.
  • Inform the fellow of conferences, gatherings and other activities that could enrich his or her study.
  • Review final draft of report and provide feedback.

The commitment of the Adviser in terms of time consists of between 6 to 9 hours per month for an established period divided in weekly or biweekly meetings determined based on availability