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Fellows Program Welcomes Newest Program Participant Megan Beddow

Santo Domingo, June 04 2015.

Research fields include operation of nonprofit organizations, community development, and social entrepreneurship

The Fellows Program, an initiative of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD), is pleased to receive Megan Beddow into the program. Megan has earned a Bachelor Degree from Florida Southern College in math, sociology, and Spanish, and is currently a candidate of a double degree (MA and MPA) in the University of Indiana. Her field of research includes the operation of nonprofit organizations, community development, and social entrepreneurship, with a focus on communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Megan is currently seeking to use her analytical skills for international development.

Megan BeddowThis investigation will bring together information from polls, interviews, and field work in nonprofit organizations of local development and International Non-Governmental organizations aligned with the goals of development of the United Nations. This project will help raise the voices of local professionals of the Caribbean in academic literature of the administration of nonprofit organizations, and international development. In order to increase the efficiency of Dominican nonprofit organizations, a focus is placed on education, job training, and more job opportunities for all Dominicans in the future.

The Fellows Program provides opportunities for M.S., M.A., and Ph.D. candidates interested in conducting high-level research in the Dominican Republic on issues related to sustainable development. The final output of the investigation is a comprehensive report which includes empirical data. Fellows conduct research in coordination with GFDD and Funglode staff, National Advisors, and their university professors. Fellows that carry out exemplary work have the opportunity to present their findings before the United Nations community on behalf of GFDD and Funglode.